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I’m a dynamic and passionate storytelling editor who has extensive experience in the sports media industry as a post-production professional. I have built a comprehensive portfolio as an editor, motion GFX designer and briefly as producer/production coordinator.  I have great technical knowledge of both broadcast and digital, dealing with many different formats and creating new work-flow solutions. 

I have excellent organisational and interpersonal skills, often liaising with important clients.

With 4 years experience as a reliable GFX operator working on live outside broadcasts I have proven my ability to work incredibly well under pressure. I’m a natural leader who is comfortable taking charge in any situation with experience in managing a team of junior editors, delegating tasks, overseeing productions and nurturing their talent. 

I'm always hungry to tell new and exciting stories, collaborate with like minded creatives and i'm constantly finding ways to improve my skills - keeping up to date with new technologies and the latest trends.


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